Who We Are

The History Behind Our Company

"www.digitalprintfile.com" is a website of M/s. Safe-Era. We are in this business since 1999. We are committed to the new standard of quality, best services and punctual delivery schedule to meet the client's requirement. We have a range of classy and sophisticated industrial awareness products. Health, safety and environment are our first priority. You can easily get your hands on one of our best design posters for your safety and environmental awareness needs.

"SAFE-ERA" is a leading and fast growing company for Safety Poster Manufacturers and Supplies in India. Right now we have 700+ varieties of safety awareness products and maintain 50,000+ ready stock of safety and environment posters, stickers, signage, leaflets, books and many more endless products on the sole theme of safety and environment.

"In short, anything and everything in safety"

Our posters help promote safety awareness. We have established ourselves in a way where we can provide best pricing, integrated practices, superior quality and services along with fast and accurate delivery.

If you are looking for unique and customized experience and exclusivity than Bull Eye!!! You just hit the right place. We also provide the best customized safety posters on demand and all your graphics designing and printing needs end here.

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Why We Made This Website

This website is specially made for your print file solution. In this busy world everyone is so busy and no one has time to design from the beginning. And it is also very difficult from a professional point of view. Creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is an innate gift. So if you are a creative person then it should be spread everywhere and we did the same. The only purpose of this website is to simplify things between the designer and the client. Imagine how much time and effort you have saved if we are providing you with a “Ready To Go Print File”. We are always welcome for Custom Designs, you can contact us anytime. But if you have found suitable designs for you in this website then you can easily download that print file immediately after payment. You don’t have to wait at all. All master files are already uploaded to this website, so – choose your design – pay for it – and download it instantly.


Satvinder Singh Galhotra (aka...Raji)
Founder & Owner

Professionally I am an experienced and qualified digital artist, graphic designer and multimedia specialist. Each product in this "website" is digitally hand sketched and designed by me. All our posters and other products are copyrighted and illegal to copy without permission. If you want to see my complete portfolio then visit my website

Our Prestigious Clientele Network

In our career span of two decades, we have worked with various clients in need of supply of Safety Posters, Printing Job Works and completion of their Graphics Designing.

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Download PDF Catalog for Safety Posters

If you want to order Safety Posters for your plant / factory, click the button below to download "Safety Posters PDF Catalog" from here. All the safety poster's topic, images with price list & other details are mentioned in the file.